Easy Come, Easy Go      (Sinclair)

never said you should leave, but you were gone, anyway

never listened enough, when you had nothing to say

I gave you nothing but grief, you gave me nothing but time

stare at the street and watch the world go by

pick up the pieces, and pout out the light

dissect, inspect, and lock your voices inside

easy come, easy go

no win, no place, and nothing to show

we threw it away, but there was nothing left to say

your loving touch will let you down in the end

your love is a crutch, and it'll fail you again

put your trust in me, i'll reward you in kind

pick me up and let me tell you my name

put your lips to the cup, 

honey, i'll do the same

cursed with epic trust, like the moth to the flame

Canadian Girl          (Sinclair)

Canadian winters, so tough to beat

they'll break your heart in a heartbeat

keep love in your heart, your stick on the ice

the glow of the CBC on Saturday night

the lure of the shore, the yawn of the road

we shared a bench, and a laugh, and a smoke

that's when she walked in

just like a hurricane

and nothing would ever be the same

she is my Canadian Girl.

like a thief in the night

tears to the wind

we lost everything we'd ever been

"I don't believe you're listening"

"| swear to god, I'm listening"

to be on the road when the leaves explode

wherever you go, I go

Loss of Trust      (Malo)

sitting with this feeling and you know I'm not too proud

these things I do to you make me realize

when I was young there was a feeling of self control

that loss of trust is made me bust

and now I've lost it all

these thing I do to you make me realize

these things I do to you it's my disguise yeah

sirens ringing in my ear there's a feeling of no control

the room is white I am the fight and my thoughts are one at all

my veins are aching with this pain that aches inside of me

that loss of trust it made me bust and now I've lost it all

these things I do to you make me realize

these things I do to you it's my disguise



Hard Lines and Better Times          (Sinclair)

so, you think you're the chosen one?

everybody's favourite son?

you ought to know by now

buy the ticket, and take the ride

because everybody shines a light

digging deep for their own blue sky

this is where we all come alive

we're from the land of blood and wine

to hard lines and better times

he let loose on the old scene

old cats shout: "son, where you been?"

"I've been dancing around the holes in the floor

i'm looking through new eyes,

got my thumbs in some new pies.

been ducking in and out of some back doors"

Blood Moon          (Sinclair)

I want to live, and taste the sun

I want everything and everyone

you feel that rhythm?

you dig that hum?

every road leads you here, no matter where you're from

the dogs will howl

the ox will moan

the devil's smile will chill your bones

the darkest days, the circus lights

better come home, there's blood on the moon tonight

she left me on a blood moon

she never said goodbye

Somehow          (Malo)

nothing left to say, let me show you the door

           we've got to make it, he's got to make it

get out man before I show you the door

I've got three sticks of dynamite left to light yeah

if you don't get out there's going to be a fight

I'm just a man with nothing to say

but I cry and I scream every day

if you would come down you would see

maybe somehow, somehow it's all over me

I got three hours left in this meeting right now

and we're locked and loaded like we don't know how

and I don't want no fuss, don't fool around